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Surlyn Skin Film L:46cm (T:0.02mm) - Skin packaging is a unique form of visual carded display pac
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Surlyn Skin Film L:46cm (T:0.02mm)

Surlyn Skin Film L:46cm (T:0.02mm)
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Skin packaging is a unique form of visual carded display packaging that tightly locks the product to a backing substrate (card board, corrugated board or air bubble sheet) by using a heat formed film that closely conforms to the contours of the product and firmly adheres to the backing board under vacuum suction, for the purpose of commercial display or industrial protection. Universally applied in the packaging areas such as hardware, stationary, toys, electronic components, printer accessories, auto/hydraulic/pneumatic parts, decorative items, arts & crafts, fragile ceramics and glass items, food stuffs etc.

Core Benefits of Skin Packaging:

  1.  Product of any size or shape or in assortment can be packaged without extra tooling, for more convenience.
  2.  High visibility delivered by sparkling skin film can enhance product appearance to a higher level of commercial value.
  3.  Product totally immobilized, offering dust, shock and moisture proof for better protection and a longer shelf life.
  4.  Remarkable saving on storage and transport.
  5.  Visual display package can add more consumer appeal and enhance product value.

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